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 Sir Bobby Robson

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Datum upisa : 12.06.2008

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PočaljiNaslov: Re: Sir Bobby Robson    Sir Bobby Robson  - Page 3 EmptySub 1 Dec 2018 - 12:47

Na Netflixu je konačno izašao dokumentarni film "Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager".

Sir Bobby Robson  - Page 3 F3709bdb5d080b40c65c3e490d202170


Ko nema pristup Netflixu, ima ga na torrentima.

"Kada krene dobro, svi sanjaju o novoj tituli, već posle dva-tri vezana poraza organizuju se demonstracije i traži se nečija glava i između nema ničeg: ako ste navijač Njukasla, ili ste na sedmom nebu, zagledani u svetlu budućnost, ili se valjate po podu u bolovima većim od kamena u bubregu, proklinjući dan kada ste rođeni na severu ili zavoleli crno-bele boje"

Marko Prelević
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Broj poruka : 6744
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Localisation : New Sad
Datum upisa : 03.07.2007

Sir Bobby Robson  - Page 3 Empty
PočaljiNaslov: Re: Sir Bobby Robson    Sir Bobby Robson  - Page 3 EmptySre 31 Jul 2019 - 13:53

Deset godina od smrti našeg Sir Bobby Robsona.

Ovo sam napisao na blogu pre 10 godina:

Otišao je naš Bobby, otišao u legendu...

Jutros je bilo vrlo tiho i mirno u kući Robson-ovih. Umro je sa svojim najbližima.

Iako sam znao, iako smo svi znali da Bobby lagano umire, ova vest me je jednostavno šokirala. Verujem, da je i vas sve, kao i celokupnu fudbalsku javnost, ova vest šokirala. Ne znam, verovao sam da ovaj dan nikada neće doći...

Pre samo pet dana na St. James' Park-u, lično on je organizovao utakmicu veterana Engleske i Nemačke. Ceo prihod sa tog meča išao je u fondaciju Sir Bobby Robson, fondaciju protiv te opake bolesti, koju svi nazivamo rak. Četiri puta ju je Bobby pobedio, ali znao je, da kada cancer postigne gol, meč je završen. Znao je da odlazi, znao je da umire. Otpozdravljajući iz kolica prošle nedelje navijačima svog voljenog Newcastle-a, kao da je znao da mu je to poslednji krug. Upravo je to ono što je Bobby, naš Bobby želeo. Želeo je da pokaže svetu, da se još uvek bori i da će se on boriti do poslednjeg dana. To je i činio.

Pamtimo lepe trenutke sa našim Bobby-em. Pamtimo 8:0 protiv Sheffield Wednesday-a, pamtimo 4:3 protiv Man United-a. Pamtimo 3:4 protiv Leeds-a ali i 1:3 protiv Arsenal-a, kada se naš Newcastle United obreo na čelu Premier League. Pamtimo i onu utakmicu protiv Feyenoord-a od 2:3, ali i 2:2 u Milanu protiv Inter-a. Sećamo se i polufinala UEFA Cup-a protiv Marseill-a.

Međutim, nikada neću zaboraviti njegov osmeh, kada je Alan Shearer postigao pobedonosni gol za veterane Engleske u pobedi od 3:2, samo devet minuta pre kraja meča, protiv Nemačke, prošle nedelje. Osmeh mu se razvukao kao Tyne Bridge u Newcastle-u.

Sir Bobby je svima pokazao da se svaka pobeda u fudbalu (pa i u životu) može dobiti osmehom!!!

Počivaj u miru Gospodine!!!

Newcastle United - Serbia

Sir Bobby Robson  - Page 3 Maxresdefault

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Broj poruka : 9158
Godina : 40
Localisation : Zemun
Datum upisa : 04.07.2007

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PočaljiNaslov: Re: Sir Bobby Robson    Sir Bobby Robson  - Page 3 EmptySub 5 Dec 2020 - 18:17

Razgovor sa autorom knjige o Bobiju Robsonu, velikom coveku pre svega a onda i Dzordiju.

Neko sugavo vreme ovde u Nemackoj i bas me je ovaj kratki intervju setio i Bobija i zasto uopste simpatisem ovaj klub koji glavinja ko zna gde. Zbog sjajnih ljudi ciji sam pozitivizam i dobru dusu nekako telepatski osecao.

You were a friend and collaborator of Sir Bobby’s long before he returned to the north east. He had obviously left the north east as a young man. Had the region ever left him?

Bobby was one of those fortunate people who could settle anywhere and make it his home. Ipswich was very special to him but so was London when he played for and managed Fulham. It was the same abroad, especially with Barcelona and his home in Sitges. Holland was like a second home and Portugal satisfied a lot of his wishes.

But he was always a Geordie and never forgot where his home and heart was. Newcastle had that pull and left him yearning for his grass roots. It was sheer undiluted joy when he eventually returned to manage the team he grew up with as a boy; the area that held his memories and nothing they could do to him ever changed that.

As the old saying goes : You could take Bobby out of Newcastle but you couldn’t take Newcastle out of Bobby.

You talk in the book about all the talented young players who left the area in the 50s and 60s – Sir Bobby, the Charltons, Howard Kendall, etc. Did he ever talk to you about that talent drain? Was ‘going home’ like unfinished business and an attempt to
redress that?

Bobby saw the movement of players from the North East to the rest of Britain as a natural progress, almost like spreading the gospel and taking North East value to benefit others. As he much as he loved home and the Toon, he had no regrets about leaving and developing himself as a man as well as a footballer.

Rather than regret he celebrated their successes and achievements and the way they reflected on his home town.

Do you think Bobby had a special affection for the north eastern players that came under his charge – the Beardsleys and Gascoignes and Shearers?

Of course! But it didn’t mean he did them any favours or treated them any differently to others under his charge.

Don’t forget he turned down the young, chubby, teenaged Gascoigne and controversially dropped Shearer, although he thought he was doing him a favour by resting him.

Were Newcastle always ‘the one’ for him?

As a team to support and to love, undoubtedly yes. But this was a globe trotter who was able to spread his passion for the game around so many countries, even when he was away in the Caribbean or Mauritius on holiday. Newcastle was always within touching distance- but it was football he embraced with unconditional passion.

How happy was he with the return?

He was like a kid who found a sixpence outside a sweetshop. He had long wanted to return but obstacles were put in his way that made it later than it should have been. There were various people and various reasons but there was no disguising his joy on his eventual return.

Bobby had at times uneasy relationships with Kevin Keegan and Alan Shearer. What can you tell us about them?

Bobby was never the easy touch a lot of people thought. Where football was concerned, he had an iron will and it was always for the team and never for the individual, not matter how big or how important the individual was. Yes, he had his spats with the pair but let me tell you that he loved them both with all their perceived faults and rated them really highly as football people.

Were the outstanding young players he brought in at St James’s ultimately a blessing or a curse?

When Bobby eventually made it to St. James’s he appreciated that, whatever happened, his time was going to be limited and what he wanted more than anything was to leave a legacy, not for himself but for the club and its future.

That is why he tried to bring in top quality young players to take the club forward rather than trying to compete with the billionaire owners at other wealthier clubs, and tilting for a cup or two and leaving nothing behind at the end.

Do you think history has been less kind to Sir Bobby’s Newcastle teams than it should have been? Or did they ultimately underachieve?

Let’s get this straight. Newcastle have long underachieved under a succession of managers and board members. Bobby always felt that the passionate fans deserved better and more.

Those who remember his time at Newcastle will recall the joy he brought back to those supporters and to the town, with the two inextricably entwined. Think of those European nights! Who else could have brought those in the circumstances or than Sir Bobby Robson.

Bobby suffered from multiple cancers, but kept quiet about them. You were his friend and saw a different side to the public. Did people in general have any conception of what he was going through while still a manager?

The answer to the second part of the question is no, not even me. I guess the only person who really knew other than his army of doctors, was his beloved wife Lady Elsie.

As I gradually discovered the depth and the truth of his illnesses I marvelled at his fortitude and his desire to carry on, doing the job he loved so much. His strength of mind was incredible.

How did he view Mike Ashley-era Newcastle after he left?

He felt that some of Ashley’s predecessors had already dug a pit and while he did not always agree with the way Ashley went about football matters – like the appointment of Dennis Wise – he applauded him for the money and the effort he put into trying to run the club and make it successful.

It’s more than a decade now since he passed away: how do you best remember him?

I am not embarrassed to admit that I think of him most days, and usually with a smile on my face. He was a warm, caring human being who always thought of others and the only time he was ruthless was when it came to football.

I spent many, many hours with him writing our books and cherish the memories not only of our lengthy discussions of the beautiful game but of our shared interest in cricket, music and travelling.

He was very special and I am proud to
remember him as a friend. How lucky was I?

"Earn your stripes.” - David Ginola to Newcastle players
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Sir Bobby Robson  - Page 3 Empty
PočaljiNaslov: Re: Sir Bobby Robson    Sir Bobby Robson  - Page 3 Empty

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Sir Bobby Robson
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